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Our Initiatives

Sustainability Program

We take sustainability seriously with the same vigour as we do diversity and equality as well as community investment.

Our 2020-2025 vision is to:

1 | Promote water reducation usage by 1 litre for every tonne

2 | Stimulate investing in 30% solar energy contribution across industriies

3 | Uplift recycling all metals and plastics to be used again in productions

4 | Reduction of road miles by clustering deliveries

5| Invigorate education as the key innovation vehicle and healthcare as its core foundation |


R-Evolution Program ®

This especially designed program aims to promote sustainability via the 5 core objectives:

1 | Back to roots | support of natural living / organic food systems

2 | Transparency | openness re: supply chains and how we operate

3 | Quality | focus on diverse collaborations with various stakeholders that are well-aligned with ISO quality standards

4 | Bravery | fostering courage and fearlessness amongst disadvanateged and underprivilaged communities

5 | Nature ethos | protecting natural environment |

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Philanthropic Program

Our community is full of people who want to help. We work to help the people providing services with the people who need them. Come connect with people in new ways |

RE – THINK Matters ®

Our Program Initiatives

1 | The Move of 21st century

2 | The WE Initiatives

3 | The Share for Cause Call

4 | The Happiness Program

5 | The Screen Time